Friday, 1 January 2010

Painting Celts with Army Painter (Guide)

As I'm sure you're aware, I use the Army Painter dipping method to paint all of my troops. I've had a go at painting a Celt using this method to see how it fairs on a mostly flesh figure. The following is a methodological sequence from start to finish showing each stage in clickable picture form.

First, I sprayed the miniature with a white primer available from Warlord Games. Once dry, I blocked in the flesh colour.

After that, I blocked in the gold (bronze) on the shield and the sword handle.

I then used a colour from my WWII collection (German Camo Beige) to paint his trousers.

I then painted his hair and shoes. Note: not taking care on the hair! But I would go back later and touch up the flesh.

I then painted in the shield colours.

This photo shows a comparison of the miniature before he was painted with the dip and afterwards. As you can see, it's superbly shaded the areas you would want it to. The photo on the right was taken immediately after he was painted with dip and as a result, looks 'wet'.

This picture is a comparison before and after, this time showing the rear of the miniature. As you can see, it's done a great job!

I stand by Army Painter or the 'dip' method as a great way of getting better looking miniatures without having to be as good a painter (which I am not). If AP wasn't invented, I probably would have just left the figure how it is in the left of the comparison shots. I actually think the AP can make figures look more realistic than using the traditional shading method. Please note that this miniature still needs to be matte varnished to remove the shine.

It must have taken me about 20 minutes to paint this miniature (very brief drying time included in that!) and I could easily paint a warband within an evening or two using the method!


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Good Work
Nice Finish

AP looks the way to go for 25/28mm
Are you going to Flat Varnish too

Consul said...

Thanks, it certainly does look that way! It's also opening up the hobby to those of us who get put off by a lot of painting or even if we're not such good painters as others.

I have to admit, I rather rushed applying the AP, hence why it looks a bit brown in places!

Yes, I will varnish it too.

Broeders said...

Which matt varnish do you use?

Consul said...

I use the varnish available from Warlord Games which is part of the Army Painter range. It seems to be the only one that really works.

FYI - I haven't used the matte varnish on this figure yet! The only ones on the blog that have had that treatment are the Governor Barbula figure and those Spanish troops!