Monday, 7 June 2010

Conquering the lead mountain (4)

Here's the fourth drawer which has been labelled 'Misc. Ancients' and includes Greeks, Spanish, Parthians and a number of other different races and cultures. This probably has the most in it out of any of the other drawers and also includes some painted and part-painted miniatures which you can see below.

Expect photos of the last two drawers tomorrow. I can know go to bed and I've cleared it off soldiers and modeling supplies. I will also be going to the local hardware store to pick up some basing material so I may do a post on that too.

When I first started sorting out my stuff it suddenly hit me that I have A LOT of stuff but actually, now I've sorted it into these drawers, it feels like I have a lot less than I thought I had (although I've still probably got too much!). This would take me many many years to paint so I'm not quite sure what to do with some of it as I may never get round to painting it.

On another note, visitor numbers to the blog have shot through the roof since I've made these posts so that's very exciting too!

Conquering the lead mountain (3)

Here's the most relevant drawer to this blog - the Roman drawer. There's lots of packs of Copplestone Foundry legionnaires and all-sorted auxiliaries plus a few painted figures in here. This isn't the extent of my Roman collection as some of it is being stored elsewhere in a Warhammer carry case.

Conquering the lead mountain (2)

Here's the second drawer done. This contains my English Civil War project, incorporating figures from Renegade Miniatures and Bicorne Miniatures. It's a project I should be underway with but sadly I just haven't had the time to do much more than just paint those few figures in the bottom right hand corner (2 of the three aren't even finished!). Hopefully this will pick up soon.

For more information about the project you can go to my other blog by clicking here. I've decided to just operate two blogsnow. This one for all my ancients projects and the other for all my projects that involve guns such as English Civil War and American War of Independence. If you're even remotely interested in any of these periods, please follow my blogs!

Conquering the lead mountain (1)

I've desperately needed to sort out and reorganise my wargaming and hobby supplies for some time now and I've chosen today to finally do it! I've got boxes, blister packs, cans of spray paint and half painted miniatures all over my desk and my bed so this could take a while (I may not be able to sleep tonight unless I get it done!). I'll do a series of posts throughout the day documenting the contents of each of the 6 drawers which were previously full of Warhammer but now lie empty by my desk. The first drawer is shown below.

This draw contains all the bases I need for the various periods I game in and these come from East Riding Miniatures but the small square and circular are from Foundry. There's also all my spare weapons such as pikes, javelins and spears along with all my spare shields and some tree stumps from Redoubt Enterprises. There's also my penknife which I use to trim flashing and the files and drill I got from Games Workshop to tidy up the mould lines. Also present are my toolset from Foundry and some 'green stuff' used for modeling and some lolly sticks which always come in handy!

Hopefully this series of posts will be very interesting for the fellow gamer as it reveals the real inner workings of my hobby and what it consists of.