Thursday, 6 January 2011

Romans for re-basing

For ease of movement around the gaming table, these Spanish legionaries are being re-based! Rather than based on 25mm square individual bases, they will be multi-based, four to a base. This will make them look a lot more realistic and make them easier to move around the table.

This unit is currently missing its standard and musician but these are part painted and should be finished soon. I also plan to add another 8 legionaries, making a unit of 24 figures in total.

I also plan to rebase these Spanish cavalry troops as their bases are too small and they cannot be moved in a column because their tails overlap and touch. I plan to mount them on 60x60 bases (currently on 60x40). I am however having a bit of trouble as they're stuck to their wooden bases rather well! They were textured using a paste mixture similar to that used by BigRedBat but I'm struggling to get that off! This unit of 9 cavalry troops will last my Romans for quite some time before I HAVE to paint some more horses (I hate painting horses).

Just a quick question, in the WAB rules, would you count these as heavy or light Spanish cavalry?

Monday, 3 January 2011

Targets for 2011

I didn't even come close to meeting any of the targets I made for 2010. This was because I had nowhere near as much time as I thought I'd have. My workload at University dramatically increased and then a full time job in London over my summer holidays meant I went for four months without picking up a brush. This year will be little different but I have a few smaller projects I hope to complete and here they are:

Ambush Alley - this exciting project has recently been featured on my Black Powder blog and has been something I've been working on in the last week or two. Because of the small number of figures required for the project, it's the kind of thing I can see being completed over the next year. It's also 15mm so if it goes well, it will open a whole world of opportunities for other periods including WWII and the ACW.

Secondary Projects:
Romans - I've just realised that a 1500pt WAB army is primed and just waiting to be painted so there's no excuse not to get atleast some of this painted in the next year.

Spartans - I've long preferred the exploits of the Greeks to the Romans since I was a kid and I'd love to start my small Spartan army that I've been threatening to do for a year or two now.

On hold:
Crusades - this small project may well make an appearance sooner or later on this blog. It's part completed but as I'm painting it using the convention layering system rather than the dipping technique, it's very time consuming.

English Civil War - not sure why I haven't progressed with this but I have two armies that just need painting!

American War of Independence - this is such a massive project that I foresee it taking many years to complete and requires more of my time than I can currently give it. There's no way I would consider abandoning it altogether as I've invested so much time and money into it and my passion for this period in history makes me want to keep returning to it.

British intervention in the Sudan - currently thinking of giving up this project as I don't have many figures for it so it wouldn't hurt too much if I sold them and re-bought them some time in the future

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Possible blog title change?

Hello all, I'd like to start by wishing you all a very happy new year but I need your help. I'm considering closing my Model Macedonian Army blog and merging it with this one (the more popular of the two) to create an ancients blog, just to keep it simpler. I've been getting back into ancients in recent weeks so hopefully you should see some more posts on this site relating to my Roman and various Greek-era armies.

This is where you come in. I'd like to hear your suggestions for names for the new site. If you have an idea or suggestion, please leave a comment below. I'll run a poll when I have a few suggestions.

My Black Powder blog which includes gunpowder-based periods e.g. ECW, AWI, Moderns etc, will still run as usual.