Saturday, 2 January 2010

Not so much a resolution... a list of aims and objectives for the new year.

My blog hasn't been running long enough for me to have any resolutions from last year to compare with but I want to make some for this year, as it will interesting to see what I can achieve in a year and hopefully a written list will help motivate me to get it done! So here we go, my aims and objectives for the next year (well, more a list of things to do):

1. Finish a Roman army of 1000pts for WAB (hopefully by March)
2. Finish Governor Barbula's revolt army (1000pts)
3. Settle on a rule system for AWI (I'm currently looking at British Grenadier)
4. Purchase an American army
5. Paint an American army
6. Purchase a British army - £128 from Wargames Foundry using their 20% discount offer
7. Paint a British army

I have a Greek/Macedonian army to paint at some stage but some units may be painted up as part of Barbula's army (utility troops such as archers, skirmishers, etc). I also have some VBCW and WWII figures but I'm not sure where they'll fit in at the moment.

Now i've committed myself, I feel very under-pressure to get all this done!

NOTE: I have tagged this post with a label so you will be able to click on that tag to view current progress on my projects.

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