Sunday, 1 August 2010

Campaign Map Update

Just a quick update on how the campaign map and rules are going. The picture above shows my progress with the map on Photoshop (I've been colouring in the sea hence the seemingly slow progress!). I've also marked out the major rivers and you can just see Gaul in the bottom right of the picture (coloured red, marking it as Roman territory).

I'm currently deciding whether or not to try and divide Britain into provinces or regions. In the previous post, I mentioned I was adapting a game meant for raiding Vikings along the Eastern coast of England and that didn't use or need the country to be divided up. But i'll have to do a trial run.

In the game, you also have the option of building roads, towns, ports and various forts and defences to guard your land which are all marked on the map in turn.

I'll probably work on this again this evening and may do a post either tonight or tomorrow. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!


jkklnjbjb said...

This looks like a pretty fun game...


The Extraordinarii said...
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The Extraordinarii said...

I have played many a pc game which divide the country sides up into states or regions, it seems to make conquoring the land a lot simpler, my suggestions anyway, looks like a lot of fun, game on, nice one.

Consul said...

Extraordinarii - it certainly would make it simpler. Unfortunately at the time there weren't many boundary divides apart from lumps of stone that marked out a tribe's territory and there certainly were a lot of tribes! I'd also have to guess slightly as I can't find any exact maps of the boundaries.

Anyway, I'll work on it tonight and see what happens!