Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Just a quick update - Campaign...

I've been very busy lately, hence the lack of updates.

I used to play a campaign with Saxons and Vikings on the English coast some 10 years ago which only involved a map and some dice (and a pad of paper to keep notes). One person played as the Vikings and one as the Saxons. It was much like a role playing game where you rolled on events tables and could construct buildings, roads, forts etc to keep you newly acquired or heroicly defended lands safe. Remembering this, I've decided to adapt the rules for a Roman conquest of Britain. I think it would translate perfectly but will need some modification.

I'm just working on the map and the events table at the minute but expect an update in the next couple of days.

The original was a very fun game. You either had a choice of gaining lots of money through pillaging and raiding along the coast or trying to grab some land and try and settle.

Any questions or suggestions are very much welcome.


The Extraordinarii said...

Good to see your back into it, were still watchin even if we dont post comments :) hehehe

Consul said...

Thank you sir. I've noticed that the number of 'hits' I've had has actually increased since I stopped posting?! No idea what that's about but thanks for still checking it out and I hope to reward you with some Campaign madness and some painting figures at the end of September.