Sunday, 1 August 2010

Campaign Map Progress Update

Just a quick update to show the map so far. As you can see, the sea has been completely coloured in. The next stages are to colour in the land and divide it up amongst the tribes and also to add a key, title and any features such as existing towns to the map. After that, I'll try and write down some of the rules and perhaps post them on here.

Thanks again for the interest!


Brian said...

This is a great project. Thank you for doing this, as it helps motivate me to finish my Romans that have been waiting with uncharacteristic patience. I'm looking forward to the results.

Consul said...

Thanks b.smoove! This used to be a great game to play when I was younger (it was a bit low-tech as it was all done with paper and a pen!) but I'm not sure how it will translate. But it should be interesting all the same.

I'm feeling very motivated at the minute - it's just a shame I'm some 250 miles away from my figures!