Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Spanish Cavalry

I first posted this image of my Spanish cavalry some time ago but it wasn't clickable then (hopefully this one is!).

I bought them painted like this but intend to add more detail to them in time (as they're fully painted - this can wait!). They look a bit like Crusader miniatures but I can't really be sure. I bought them from Partizan in Newark and they were quite expensive at the time considering the quality of the paint work. The riders are poor but the horses are painted to a VERY high standard.

They're based three to a base (can't remember the measurements) but they don't really have enough depth. You can't have them move in a column as the horses touch, increasing the distance between bases which is a bit of a shame.

Make sure to check the blog tomorrow as I'll be needing your help and advice once again! This time, for the 'look' of some auxiliaries and the composition of my Roman army.


BigRedBat said...

Those are, indeed, Crusader, and I'd say they are based on 60mm x 40mm bases for DBx (similar frontage to my minis, except I increased the base depth to 60mm to avoid horses-nose-up-the-bottom-of-the-horse-in-front syndrome).

BigRedBat said...

ps one can increase the depth without complete rebasing, but I suppose you'll want to go all Wabby...