Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spanish Shields

I've finally finished painting the shields for my Spanish infantry and managed to glue them onto the figures. The colour scheme is a rather striking (and rather dangerous looking!) red and black which I had done some research into for the basic design. I am aware that Spanish troops of this era would have had different shield designs but I wanted these to look more unified as they are supposed to have been drafted into the Roman army to fight for the armies of Rome! I've just purchased some basing sand and am waiting for some grass tufts to arrive before I can finally finish my first full unit!

The Romans are coming along slowly at the minute. I've spent the last few days re-arranging them into different sized units (either 24 or 16) and seeing which command figures go best with which unit. I go back to University next weekend so I shall be spraying a whole load of figures and taking them up with me so the blog (and the painting) can continue!


Monty said...

Looking good, mate - my painting too, is going slowly, but I'm going to make an effort to get going again.

Looking forward to seeing more of your army.

All the best!

BigRedBat said...

I like the Spanish, especially the shields. Nice painting!