Saturday, 26 September 2009

1000pt Roman army for WAB

I've just quickly costed up a 1000pt (well, 998 to be exact) Roman army using the WAB rules. It looks something like this (but will ultimately change at some point because I'm not too sure that i've done it correctly and I have two Tribunes leading my Legionaries!)

General - 138 points
Marcus Fulvius Flaccus earnt his place in history after defeating the Salluvii, a Gallic people occupying the plain South of the Durentia between the Rhone River and the Alps, and claiming their rich and fertile lands in the name of Rome.

Aquilifer - 65 points
Teutomalius, the captured leader of the Salluvii, swore his life to Flaccus in return for sparing the lives of his family and himself. He was awarded a Lion pelt by General Flaccus for saving his life on a number of occasions and as a thank you, was also given the great honour and responsibility of looking after the legion standard, despite not being able to speak a word of Latin!

16 Legionaries w/Standard, Musician and Tribune - 305 points
This unit is led by Gaius Sempronius, a man with senatorial ambitions, who has been elected to serve as a Tribune of the Soldiers. Gaius is a little impatient and reckless, eager to resume his chosen career path and return to Rome (and continue indulging in wine and women!)

16 Legionaries w/Standard, Musician and Tribune - 305 points
This unit is led by an as yet unnamed Tribune.

16 Batavian Auxiliaries w/Standard, Musician and Centurion - 185 points
This unit is led by an as yet unnamed Centurion.

That totals 998 points. I have a couple of other units which will be added later such as Legionary skirmishers raised from Germania, the Spanish allies including infantry and cavalry and the General's Praetorian body guard.

After i've completed the 1000pt Roman Army and before I paint the other units I have left, i'm going to work on my Macedonians along with two very small Crusader and Islamic skirmish armies.


Monty said...

Blimey - well done, Consul - I'm painting up Warlord Romans for Basic Impetus to save on painting/cost/time etc. Too many projects ongoing at the moment which is very frustrating; oh, well...

legatus hedlius said...

Looking forward to seeing it!

Monty said...

Thanks - I'll get there in the end but will obviously post updates etc along the way

Consul said...

I should have finished my first Cohort of Romans (bar a few shields and all the basing) by this weekend and then i'll have to start on my Crusaders because I have no more Romans here in Leeds, the rest are all at home! But I shall bring some more up at the start of November and hopefully finish basing the others!