Saturday, 5 September 2009

On the painting table.

These are the Spanish troops I've been working on for the last week and I'm rather pleased with them! The shields are being painted at the minute and after that they need properly basing, but I will need to get some sort of sand/grit before I do that.

I've finally found time to get back to painting my Romans since my 3 months working away from home. I've undercoated the rest of the unit, of which i'd previously only painted 8 of the figures as a test run. This particular unit is led by a tribunes militium (Tribune of the Soldiers) by the name of Gaius Sempronius (the white figure in the middle of the front rank). Each year, 24 young men in their late twenties with senatorial ambitions were elected to serve as Tribunes of the Soldiers. Gaius is a little reckless, wanting to get his time serving with the army over with so he can continue on with his career path (and get back to the abundance of wine and women in Rome!)

Keep checking back for regular updates.


Monty said...

Nice work - looking good; I'm glad you stuck with your Romans as they appear to be coming along nicely. Did you say they were Foundry?
My Warlord and Baccus Romans are creeping along as well as some 10mm Pendraken Normans/1st Crusaders.
WW2 remains a pull and so I am about to purchase some FOW figures too, just to keep it chaotic!
All the best.

Consul said...

Yes. My core troops such as my legions are Foundry and all other troops such as skirmishers are from elsewhere. I will do a detailed post once most of the units are finished to describe what I did with them and where the figures are from.

I got a little over excited the other day and have bought a few packs of crusaders from Gripping Beast and Black Tree Design but they wont see the light of day for a long time (literally!) as they've been put in a box at the back of my cupboard.

I'm also working on the details of my Roman campaign I mentioned previously. I'm having a little difficulty with the concept and what the objectives will be. I was looking at more of an open ended conquest with a civil war at the end but, like I said, i'm still working on it!