Sunday, 24 January 2010

Governor 'George C. Scott' Barbula

This is the figure representing Governor Barbula which I've been working on recently. He's been dipped, varnished and based making him my first completely finished miniature! The detail on his face is incredible giving a very realistic look and feel. It really ranks up there with some of the better miniatures painted using the shading technique (I've used the Army Painter for this one). This is also my first attempt at a horse - it looks rather demonic - but it hasn't turned out too bad! I really like the base which looks very realistic. The sand at the front of the base looks like little stones but they are in fact grains of sand, painted brown then dry brushed with 3 shades of sand. The grass tufts are from Silfor. Let me know what you think and any questions will be answered asap (the picture is clickable too!).

I'm now back at University and I've taken my first 1000pt Roman army with me to paint up. There'll be more posts over the next few weeks showing the progression of the Romans and a few Greeks i'm working on and hopefully a few posts relating to the campaign too. Keep checking back for regular updates or 'follow' the blog!


The Extraordinarii said...

Well done mate looking good keep up the good work, i'm doing a few spartans (Greeks), might have to compare notes :)

Consul said...

Thanks for the comment and continued support!

I've been working on a Spartan command base at the minute so we could certainly compare notes! I'm looking forward to seeing your effort. Are these Spartans for your gladiator games?

ZeroTwentythree said...

If you don't mind a suggestion, if the horse bothers you, try painting the eyes black. Most horse eyes have very little (if any) white visible.

Looks good, otherwise!

You're right about George C. Scott. (Just watched Dr. Strangelove the other day!) Who makes that figure?

Secundus said...

Very nice indeed. The silflor tuffs really help bring the base to life too.

Consul said...

Thanks Secundus, glad you like it!

Zero - sorry for the late reply, I'd completely forgotten about this comment. It's a Foundry emperor from their Imperial range I think.

Emperor Vespasian!