Friday, 22 January 2010

The Army of Syria

I've just made an order for the bulk of Governor Barbula's Syrian army. This will oppose my main force on the battlefield and should make for an interesting battle as 50% of its points are spent on horse archers. Anyway, here is the WAB list, costing up each unit that makes up the army.

Army of Syria - 1016 pts

Senior Officer - 110pts
20 Horse archers @ 24pts each (480pts)
24 Legionaries of the III Gallica @ 16pts each (394pts) +10 for Centurion
8 Slingers @ 4pts each (32pts)

Obviously this is just the beginning of something bigger but will certainly give me a good range of figures which could be used in other armies. I watched a documentary on Alexander the Great this morning and this reignited my interest in my Macedonian army which is all boxed up somewhere. Some of the troops from this Army of Syria could be used in his army or against him, fighting for the Persians. But of course that will have to wait, probably until next year!

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