Wednesday, 27 January 2010

First attempt at wolf skin

I've always been too scared to paint wolf skins so my units have always been incomplete but not anymore! I've plucked up the courage to finally try one out for real! I decided to slightly differ from real life and just go for the black undercoat and light grey dry-brushing all over but I think it looks pretty good. I'm sure once the rest of the colours have been blocked in then it'll look fine (it's a bit dark at the minute!)

I thought it'd be better to dry-brush the skin first rather than paint the rest of the miniature so as to save having to go over each colour all over again. I'll just have to be really careful not to overlap onto the skin anywhere!

I might add some much lighter highlights on the edges of the fur later on and i'll paint the visible underside of the skin a sort of tan leather.

Comments and suggestions welcome!


broeders said...

Looks good for a first attempt to me! Very good.

The only thing I'd say is gor for 3-4 drybrushes (black, dark grey, light grey then very light grey) rather than 2 for more depth.

Consul said...

Were you adopting a Hull accent for a minute there?!

Thank you for the kind words. I might give it another dry-brush with a lighter colour but I'm a little scared that i'll undo the good work! Also, my grey colour pallette is extremely limited to black, charcoal black and a much lighter grey. And then i have white but i fear that's TOO light. I may just have to experiment on another model first as this one is the army standard!

Stryker said...

I think it looks just right and would leave as it is!


The Extraordinarii said...

Ahh nice work Consul, lookin real good, I think your right, light touches with a lighter colour will take this from good to better.