Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Progress Report (2)

I've made some more progress with my Roman army today and the results are shown below, illustrated by clickable photos and annotated underneath.

After trimming off the excess flashing and mould lines with a pen knife, I wash each miniature, separate shield and weapon in hot soapy water (i'm using a breakfast bowl here). This is to remove any dust and dirt picked up in the figures' manufacture or since removal from its box. The figures go from a very dull, matte colour to a very shiny silver once this is finished and feel very different. I find this step very important as it helps the paint stick much better and also removes all the dust in the recesses of the model.

This photo shows all the figures I cleaned up with the knife and then washed. It represents my Roman army, minus one cohort of infantry and the horses of the cavalry (if you would offer to paint them for me, please get in touch!). This is 1000 pts in WAB terms, costing the unit of new recruits as auxiliaries instead of raw recruits because the equipment my unit has is more like the description of the auxiliaries (they have the same stats anyway!).

Unfortunately, I didn't finish this in time to catch the light so I wont be able to prime and spray them until tomorrow.

Tomorrow's shedule:
1. Undercoat miniatures
2. Glue/mount to appropriate bases for painting
3. Paint the already sanded bases
4. Varnish first cohort
5. If I get time, make a start on the first command stand

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BigRedBat said...

True prepping alficionados use soap powder to wash their minis; washing up liquid apparently leaves a coating of lanolin.

Happy new year!