Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Progress Report (1)

I have glued sand to the bases of my first cohort using some PVA glue I bought at Staples and some basing sand from Warlord Games. Once this dried, I cleaned up the edges of the bases so that no sand overlapped. The next stage is undercoating with brown then drybrushing several other colours on top. Still to do on this unit: varnish figures and then paint and base the standard bearer and musician.

I also used Polyfilla to fill the gaps in this GW base which was attached to the model when I purchased it off eBay. This is the horse for Governor Barbula. This photo shows when I had just applied it and it was still wet.

When the Pollyfilla was dry, I filed off the excess and then added sand to the base. I will also have to paint the base and add some grass to it after varnishing.

I've also been trying to remove paint from old figures but without much success.

More updates to come each day. All pictures clickable.


TDC, said...

Looks promising! Can't wait for more pics.



Consul said...

Thanks TDC, i'll be updating every day for the next two weeks or so with progress reports so hopefully you will enjoy them and possibly find some inspiration!

I've had a look at your blog - the village your built is very impressive!