Sunday, 27 December 2009

Last post

...for a few days, whilst I really crack on with my Romans. By the end of the week, I aim to have based and varnished Gaius' unit, paint and base two command stands and atleast prime and mount the remaining two units to complete the army. It's quite a job but I have a lot of time on my hands at the minute so it may be finished sooner than expected. Expect an update with plenty of photos by the end of the week.

I'll leave you with a (clickable) photo of my general Celer, issuing the command to advance! This is one of the stands I hope to have finished by the end of the week.


The Extraordinarii said...

Look forward to seeing what you will produce, I have these miniatures aswell, it will be interesting to see your interpretation, do your romans wear white, off white or red clothing ?

Consul said...

I think Foundry's Caesarian range is the best currently available.

I paint all the cloth on my Romans white, but because I use a stain, it makes it look a bit more off-white but I think it looks more natural. I'll try and take a better photo of it later in the week.

I had originally intended to make a tough old army of the north, fighting barbarians and other such uncivilized folk, wearing wolf skins, etc but somehow they've turned into a very Spanish-looking legion!

I intend to make another Vexillation, but this time I want to paint them with red cloth and shields to set them apart on the battlefield if they stand side by side or if there's a civil war they can fight against each other!