Monday, 5 October 2009

A weekend of painting

...and this is all I have to show for it! It's a Gripping Beast figure from either their Crusades, Norman or El Cid range (I forget which). As I mentioned in a comment on the previous post, I was ill pretty much all weekend and decided to paint this figure last night to show i'd done something!

I quite enjoyed painting him because he doesn't have too much detail/too many colours and only took about an hour to paint (including drying time) but I'm certainly not looking forward to painting all the different shields! If only they were like my Romans and they were merely sprayed white! As before, I've used the Army Painter which has nicely shaded the chain-mail and the cloth undergarment.

Below you can see the figure.


Monty said...

Nice figure and paint work; I have been looking at the Norman/1st Crusade for some Basic Impetus, but haven't decided on a scale, so I've started off some Pendraken 10mm figures. But this one could sway me to 28mm. Tell me, Consul - did you drybrush the chain mail after applying the AP as it ha scome out really effectively.

Consul said...

Thank you! In response to your comment on the other post, I had considered shield transfers but this particular unit of Crusaders has a HUGE array of different shield sizes so it would cost quite a lot get enough transfers for all of them.

I'm just using the designs from the LBM website and copying them by hand but I've actually been put off finishing the rest of the fear of them looking rubbish! So I may plan out the designs first on paper and then copy them on to the shields.

I prefer 28mm as they're much more realistic figures and it feels almost as if they're alive! As a result, you have a much greater attachment to them as it's like they each have their own personalities.

In regards to the painting, I just undercoated him with the chain-mail silver available from Warlord Games, painted the other basic colours and then dipped him! No dry-brushing required. Although, I did dab a little of the AP off of the bottom of his mail after a few hours as it'd started to collect (much like I did on the face and the rough around his neck to ensure they weren't too dark!)