Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Gaius Sempronius

Born into a family with a strong tradition in the Senate and the governing of ancient Rome, Gaius naturally followed his father, Tiberius, into politics. His father was a very powerful man who commanded a lot of respect and as a result of his devotion to Rome and its citizens, had great influence in the Senate (or was it due to his vast wealth?). Impatient and frustrated at the speed at which his career progressed, Gaius took the post of Military Tribune at the age of 20 in the hope of quickly gaining fame and fortune. Failing winning a glorious victory in a distant land and returning to Rome a hero, Gaius could still progress on the cursus honorum (ladder of Senatorial offices in Roman politics) after completion of his post.


Monty said...

Nice figure, where did you get him from? Great paint work, too.

Consul said...

Thanks Monty. He's from Foundry's Caesarian range. One of their Tribunes.


When I first bought Romans I, for some reason, decided just to buy a pack of Tribunes instead of Centurions! Although I now have some proper unit leaders (but the Tribunes certainly look great!)

I had a real dilemma over what colour to paint Gaius' cloak. White or Red?! I chose White in the end as it would go with the general colour scheme of the unit much better.

legatus hedlius said...

The white cloak looks really effective. He looks as tough as old boots! Makes me want to paint some more Romans!

Consul said...

It seems like I've failed in my task. By giving him light coloured hair and no stubble, I was trying to make him look young and naive! Ah well.

I've given him -1 to his leadership (he now has 7 instead of 8 like a regular legionary) to try and reflect his lack of experience (although i'm not entirely sure how this affects him in play).