Monday, 5 October 2009

Roman Cavalry

I've just received some Roman Cavalry I bought on eBay which will slot nicely into a 1000 point WAB army (I plan to remove the Aquilifer and make some other minor changes from the previous list posted). I plan on having a unit of 5 (see picture above) which will be 100 points using the WAB rules but I also have 3 other Auxiliaries, another standard bearer and some kind of Senator/Emperor. They all look like Foundry miniatures with Foundry horses except for two which are definitely from another time period/manufacturer.

The horses are glued to GW slotta bases and I may well keep them there and fill in the gaps with some kind of putty (is this a good idea?)

They didn't come with spears or shields but I have plenty of spare spears at home, just no shields! If anyone has any spare they could kindly donate, it would be muchly appreciated!


BigRedBat said...

I can let you have half a dozen; I'll look, tonight.

You can fill the gaps with greenstuff or pollyfilla.

Consul said...

Thanks very much BRB, that should tide me over until I can find some more!

I think i'll use polyfilla as I don't want to waste my greenstuff in case I need it for a major conversion job (not).