Friday, 12 March 2010

Fortified Farm

As mentioned in the previous post, I recently received a farm house from Paul Darnell of Touching History fame. I had an idea to eventually fortify the Roman/Greek farm for a future defense scenario and have had a go at this by using a wooden palisade wall with a ditch. I can't wait to use this on the gaming table! It looks great!

What do you think? Any comments or suggestions? The photo is fully clickable.


jmilesr said...

Excellent work - I like the grass work around the palisade. Are you going to add a gate?

Phil B said...

I will mostly be copying that for our 10mm Punic wars battles. Been looking for some roman buildings and this does the business! Nice one!

Monty said...

Very impressive, clearly a lot of work has gone into this - well done, mate!

Consul said...

jmilesr - Yes! I have a gate, just accidently forgot to put it in the picture. D'oh! It's very nice.

The palisade wall was actually part of a resin kit from PMC Games.


Secundus said...

Wow , very nice It looks like the two were made together. Nice job.