Monday, 1 March 2010

Command Stand

Here's a fully clickable photo of my first command stand. The figures have been painted and matte varnished and as you can see, this makes quite a difference. They still need basing material applying to the base but I want to order some static grass before I do this. I will have one of these command stands for every 1000 points I use.

Note: the standard bearer was painted entirely using the traditional multi-colour, layered shading method and not using the army painter (my first figure like this!). All my standard bearers will be painted like this. I did however ink the flesh.


BigRedBat said...

Looking great! As you say, the same system as mine. Will you be able to use those with WAB, though?

Consul said...

Thank you sir.

Of course! The reason I chose to do them like this was partly aesthetics, but I'm thinking the general's aren't too likely to get involved in combat so the fact the base is round shouldn't have too much of an effect. It's a good way of representing the general's two attacks (the general and tribune models) and his leadership ability to rally troops (standard bearer). This is still to be play tested, though. Depending on how he is placed in combat, he will either face 2 or three enemies because of his 50mm 'frontage' and the fact the enemies will be based on 20mm square bases.

Multi-basing is an option for WAB players but it just requires a little more book-keeping but it can really help move larger numbers of figures around the battlefield (as you can imagine, moving one at a time takes a while!).


Consul said...

P.S. All my Romans (apart from the command stands) will be very strictly based according to WAB guidelines but I may allow myself a little more flexibility with some of my larger Greek/Macedonian units.

Captain Brummel said...

Dear Consul,
just discovered this blog last week and I have spent the last few days reading up all the posts from day 1 to the present.
Superb reading, inspiring stuff.
Interesting for me to realize that an old hand like me can still learn from a young blood like yourself.

Consul said...

Capt. Brummel - Thank you very much! It's great to know that you've enjoyed the blog and that you found it inspiring. Means a lot. I'm still a beginner and I've tried really hard so hopefully that work's paid off! It must be interesting to see the progression of someone's hobby from nothing to something near completion and see all the problems they've encountered along the way..

I've spent a year or so reading through all the posts on one of my favourite blogs - Iron Mitten - worth a look if you haven't seen it already!