Friday, 5 February 2010

Painting total in the last 2 weeks


But I have many more nearly finished so hopefully that number will shoot up by the end of the weekend.


Phil B said...


Get brushing man!

Consul said...

Will do, Phil.

I've got another two nearing completion this evening!

Phil B said...

Good! I think your painting is excellent (been checking your earlier work - esp. the peltasts which I'm copying for my 10mm boys).

You also have the neatest painting table I've ever seen!

Scullmeister said...

I'm not doing much better, but keep at it.

BigRedBat said...

Lightweight! ;-)

Consul said...

Phil - Thanks! It really means a lot to hear such kind words. I'm glad to have inspired you, I suppose you mean the ones on my Macedonian blog? They were inspired by the Osprey book on Alexander's armies. All very bright colours. I look forward to seeing your peltasts all the same.

Scullmeister - I certainly will be! I'm now working on the cavalry riders and just about to really get into the standard bearers/musicians *sigh*

BRB - I know! I can't handle my paint ;-)