Monday, 1 February 2010

The face of 'Consul'.

As I've been blogging for some time now and have built up quite an online presence (pestering long-time bloggers for help!), I thought it rude that those who take the time and effort to read my blog and leave me encouraging comments do not know who they're talking to!

Well, below you'll see a picture of my Dad, Richard, and I who form possibly the smallest wargames group in Britain - the Mill Road Militia! We have been mistaken for brothers in the past but I am on the one on the left. We haven't played many games recently but did used to play a lot of WWII and Napoleonic games, my Dad always having to play as the 'Fatherland' (Germany and France!). Hopefully with the coming of my new ancients armies then the fights will continue and we'll be able to post up a few interesting battle reports.

My Dad started off playing role-playing games such as Rune Quest and Traveller but eventually moved on to tabletop wargaming. His period interests are classical ancients (Alexander), the Dark Ages (Normans, Saxons, Vikings), English Civil War, Jacobite Rebellion, Napoleonic and WWII. He also loves a good Vietnam game. He has figures for most of these periods in 6mm but we have 1/72 (20mm) plastic Napoleonics he spent years painting when I was little all in boxes up in the roof!

My interest in wargaming obviously comes from my Dad and the fact we had a lot of figures, Osprey books and rule books lying about the house was certainly a help! I also loved war films - Zulu being my favourite at the time. Honestly - I watched it everyday for about 2 years when I was in infant school and could quote every line (and sing Men of Harlech!)

I always thought the Zulu chanting was rather exciting and beautiful in a way. But anyway, that
video shows the exchange of chants/songs before the final battle in the film. It's all rather epic.

My main wargaming interests are ancients obviously with an emphasis on Romans and Greeks,

I hope that gives a little insight into the background behind the blog and my interest in wargaming!
I hope you aren't too offended by my ugly mug ;-)


broeders said...

Nice to put a face to a name. You're braver than me - if I put my ugly mug up, no-one would visit my blog!

With you on the 'Men of Harlech' Zulu moment. I've got a lot of Welsh in me and that bit always leads to a lump in the throat.

BigRedBat said...

Golly your dad looks young! I look old enough to be HIS dad. ;-)

If there are only two of you, your club may NARROWLY be smaller than Muswell Hill Militia!

Consul said...

broeders - I hope you haven't been put off visiting my blog! I have no Welsh blood in me whatsoever, just lots of English and some Scottish from some great-grandparents! When I was 6 I had no real idea of the history behind the film and for all I knew, that stuff was happening at the time I watched the film (some 100 years later!)

BRB - I'm not sure a Father Son duo really counts as a wargames group :P a bit too small! My Dad still thinks he's a teenager so that's probably why he looks it. "You look how old you feel"...

The Extraordinarii said...

Your dad and you dont look like there is a lot of years between you, Kudos for posting a pic of your mug !

Consul said...

I don't know whether to take that as an insult or pass on the compliment to my Dad! There's 23 years difference between us but the photo is too flattering for him :P

jmilesr said...

I hope you don't roll your eyes at your father when he makes a mistake like my son does!

nice blog and nice painting

Consul said...

Thanks jmilesr! Glad to know you like it.

He tends to raise HIS eyebrows when he's been corrected after making a mistake!

Secundus said...

Hello at last, now I can look out for you at Salute. Secundus