Friday, 15 May 2009

My latest purchase

I've just completed my Roman army by purchasing a unit of Spanish skirmishers (24) and a unit of Spanish cavalry (16). I ordered these from Kingmaker Miniatures (1st Corps) and i'm very excited for them all to arrive! I'm hoping to really get cracking on painting up the bulk of my army in the next couple of weeks so hopefully i'll have a legion or two finished by NEXT weekend.

As it stands my Roman army includes:
2x 24 Gallic Legionaries
1x 24 Spanish skirmishers
1x 16 Germanic wolf-skin skirmishers
1x 16 Spanish cavalry
1x General + 8 Praetorian Guard (as his body guard)
1x Aquilifer


The Dale Wardens said...

Looks like you are "full in" now with the purchase of the army.

If you get a chance check out my blog. I have my first cohort WIP posted. There is still more to do, but I like that they are getting done. All these figs to paint...we have to get cracking!

David S.
Minnesota, USA

Consul said...

Yeah, i've told myself "no more purchases until these are finished". We'll just have to see if I stay true to that!