Saturday, 25 April 2009


Hello, my name is Edward and i've been wargaming on and off for around 10 years (although I had a 5 year break in between, during secondary school, to avoid bullying). Since starting at University, nobody cares what you do so i've decided to take it up again.

I was browsing the internet and came across a wonderful blog by the name of iron-mitten run by a guy named Simon. I was hugely inspired by the blog and it was mostly because of this that I decided to take up wargaming again. I've decided to collect several armies from the Roman era such as Celts, Gauls and the Romans themselves. I have since bought a paint set (I got rid of my old one because I thought i'd never paint again) from Wargames Foundry and around 50 Roman figures (a mixture from Wargames Foundry, Gripping Beast and Kingmaker Miniatures) to form my first army from. I'll do another post in a few weeks when i've made a start on painting the figures...I've also decided to start a campaign based on the early days of The Roman Empire and its expansion into Germany/France but details on that to follow.


Secundus said...

I'm glad you like what I've done, Romans are a great place to start when starting up again after a long break.

The Dale Wardens said...

I can't wait to see your work. The Iron Mitten blog is a great inspiration to me too, and is an ideal how gaming should be. I just took the plunge into Ancients myself. It is an interesting historical period with good minis, and Simon/Secundus has cool campaign and story going. It certainly something to shoot for!

Take care and best of luck.

David S.
Minnesota, USA

Consul said...

Thank you both. I'm currently at university still but I've ordered all my paints and figures and had them sent to my home address..just two weeks now until I'm home for the summer! Then I can really get to work...I'm hoping to post step-by-step photos of all the processes I go through so hopefully you'll find this of interest.