Monday, 27 April 2009

Even before i've started...

...painting or collecting my Roman and Celt army, i'm already looking at other eras to branch into! This is unfortunately the flaw for any would-be gamer. There are so many tempting ranges out there! I watched Zulu Dawn last night and upon searching the internet, I was amazed to see the number of sites stocking miniatures from that time. This certainly is a project I'd like to do, perhaps in a few months, so if you're interested in that era then please bookmark this page and come back soon!

I found some great figures at Empress Miniatures and once again at Wargames Foundry


Fraxinus said...

Yes the wargamers lament is collectting too many wonderful figures from lots of different eras in military history!! I'm doing WW1 Belgians (and anything WW1), Everything 1640-1715 including naval (Tricorne wearing armies look good on a wargames table!)then there are all the new plastic figures & associated metal ranges for ACW, Napoleonic and Romans & Celts!! where too stop?? The main thing about the hobby is enjoy it no matter if youre focused or scatterbrain like most of us! O I ommitted the Schleswig Holstein War of 1849 from my list above!!

eddie harrison said...

Yeah I see what you mean! That's quite a varied span of history! I think i'm going to have to be strict on this one and put all my efforts into my Romans/Celts until I have atleast finished both armies, then I'll actually have something to game with.

I'm now also considering Late Second World War skirmishes too after seeing figures from Bolt Action and Artizan Designs! But the Zulu era would certainly look very attractive on the battle field (and fill me with the sort of pride I felt watching the film 'Zulu' over and over when I was 5).

Consul said...

Oops. I posted that last comment from my other account!

The Dale Wardens said...

Eddie! It's best not to watch movies or read any history about any other periods or you could get in trouble. I'm speaking from experience as Ancient Rome for me is a part of the genre creep away from my group's current project; American Civil War (I just ordered 232 figures for that...and received 124 Rome figs via ebay auction yesterday.)

My suggestion is to go out and rent Gladiator, Ben Hur, Sparticus, and anything else we can think of to get you reinspired!

But if you are set on period creep into British colonials, I suggest looking at Perry Miniatures Sudan War line of figures. It's very well done. Then watch Khartoum, and the 1939 Alexander Korda version of Four Feathers...and try and resist. The Zulu Dawn movie with Burt Lancaster and Peter O'Toole is also a must watch for Zulu War.

Too many periods, to many good figs, so much fun to be had. :)

David S.
Minnesota, USA

Consul said...


Don't worry i'll make sure I keep the armies of Rome and their enemies my main focus! The Colonial collection will probably have to start in the distant future as it will cost quite a lot to assemble a mass of Zulu warriors!

I'm actually considering the Black Hawk Down-inspired Gripping Beast miniatures as my next step after Rome. Anyway, keep checking back to see what I get up to!