Saturday, 4 September 2010

Partizan - Newark 5th September 2010!

Just a little reminder that I will be putting on my first game at the Partizan Show at Kelham Hall in Newark tomorrow (Sunday 5th September. Doors are 10am - 4pm and I think it's £4 for adults and £2 for concessions.

It's a Spanish Peninsular Napoleonic game which features 3 companies of French pitted against Sharpe and his rifles (assisted by some pesky Spanish Guerillas). I'll be in command of the French and Paul Darnell of Touching History will be in charge of the combined allied force. The photo at the top of this post shows the terrain we will be gaming on!

In this photo, my mighty French force advance along an exposed road, open to fire from Sharpe and his 95th rifles (hopefully they wont be as accurate as they're famed for in tomorrow's game!)

Another French force advance towards the town using the cover of the farmer's fields and a low stone wall to avoid the fire coming from the guerillas holed up in the town.

I think our game will be in the main hall so it should be easy to find. I should also be easy to find if you fancy a chat! Just look for the young looking chap next to the game and that'll probably be me - I'll have a checked shirt on if it's any help.

I'll post pictures of most of the games on show at Partizan throughout this coming week along with photos of our game and a battle report. I look forward to meeting those of you who visit the table and fancy a chat.


DeanM said...

Beautiful terrain and figures. Looking forward to seeing the after action report. Dean

Consul said...

Hi Dean - great to hear from you. I'm really looking forward to the game.

I forget to mention in this post that most of the pictures and write up will be on my 'main' blog over at

I've taken the advice you gave me some time ago and now use this blog for all ancients (including my Greeks) and the other for everything else.


Da Masta Cheef said...

Wow! Until I zoomed in on it, I thought that first pic was of a real place, not a game table!

The Extraordinarii said...

Wow, really nice work bro, love the terrain and look forward to the upcoming posts.

Anibal Invictus said...

Impressive terrain!! Congratulations

Consul said...

Thanks for the comments! The terrain was made by Paul Darnell and they're his figures too (although he didn't paint them!)

The write up from the show will actually be on my other blog along with plenty of tasty pictures to keep your mouths watering!

Check it out here:


Monty said...


Bluewillow said...

lovely picture