Monday, 7 June 2010

Conquering the lead mountain (4)

Here's the fourth drawer which has been labelled 'Misc. Ancients' and includes Greeks, Spanish, Parthians and a number of other different races and cultures. This probably has the most in it out of any of the other drawers and also includes some painted and part-painted miniatures which you can see below.

Expect photos of the last two drawers tomorrow. I can know go to bed and I've cleared it off soldiers and modeling supplies. I will also be going to the local hardware store to pick up some basing material so I may do a post on that too.

When I first started sorting out my stuff it suddenly hit me that I have A LOT of stuff but actually, now I've sorted it into these drawers, it feels like I have a lot less than I thought I had (although I've still probably got too much!). This would take me many many years to paint so I'm not quite sure what to do with some of it as I may never get round to painting it.

On another note, visitor numbers to the blog have shot through the roof since I've made these posts so that's very exciting too!


Kasper said...

Re the number of visitors: I believe we all have the same problem of trying to organise our mountains of lead so whenever someone else posts about it we jump at the possiblity of having our problems solved :-).
Nice drawers btw :-).

Galpy said...

There are quite a few figures there my friend i look forward to one day seeing them on the battle field. love your work. I've been attempting to get a bit of my own done before the new hordes of figures arrive some 400 odd 28mm including greeks ,crusades, ww2 germans and british. Oh what fun it is to look at those draws full of unpainted minatures just waaiting for that moment when you take a deep dreath and pick up that paint brush.

Consul said...

Thanks! Glad you like my work and the organisation of my drawers ;)

I'm away from home for 2 months and I haven't brought any figures with me but when I get home, I plan on continuing with my Caesarian Roman project and also re-[ainting and re-basing some existing Romans. I'll also continue with my ECW project too! So many projects...