Monday, 10 August 2009

Selling up

After some thought i've decided to sell some of my figures. I want to move into the Ancient Greek era as i've invented a much better campaign which i've managed to perfect (my Roman campaign didn't seem to work).

I wondered if any of you would be interested in purchaseing all/some of my figures. In previous post, there is a list of figures that I have, most are Wargames Foundry or other high quality manufacturer.

I am currently away from home but I can give you the web links to the figureines on the manufacturers websites and I can get my parents (who are experienced ebayers and at whos house the figures are at) to send them to you securely.

Leave me a comment for offers or any questions!


Monty said...

My advice is don't be too hasty; you've put a lot of work into your army so far and ask yourself: what are you going to gain by going for a Greek scenario? Both periods are similar and I think you just need a pause from your current project - go for a completely different scale/period to break up the tedium etc. I am suffering from 'painting block' at the moment but am tooling along with an eclectic approach and thrashing around al over before eventually going back to my Warlord Romans. Keep going, don't lose heart!
All the best, Monty

Monty said...

P.S. check out my blog if you want - cheers.


Consul said...

Thank you for your comment! It has rather inspired me again. I think I will keep my Romans and paint them up but i'd also like to collect a small Greek army because the figures look so good! So I may have a little Greek adventure whilst periodically returning to my Roman Legions!

legatus hedlius said...

I am trying to build up over 30 WAB armies at present so don't get too upset about wanting a change in pace! My own thoughts on Greek armies are: build a Hoplite one but then pitch them against something really different like Thracians (light infantry mountain tribesmen). Avoids the tedium of turning out two almost identival armies!

Consul said...

In order to re-ignite the spark, I have purchased a Macedonian army for which I have created another blog which can be found at

It'd be great if you could follow it! This means that if I get bored of either army, I can switch to the other for a while. And I am going to paint one complete unit at a time this time rather than a couple.